Roxanne Corbin : Featured Artist

Roxanne Corbin - "Flight Above the Wharf"

“Flight Above the Wharf”

Roxanne Corbin shares her local photography and series, Hidden Gems:

“Whenever I think of Santa Cruz, I sense all the visceral sensations I receive whenever I visit. As a lover of Santa Cruz, I honor this town with my photography. I capture the places in Santa Cruz locals know and love as well as the unrecognized and unappreciated places of Santa Cruz. I want to help others who have never been to Santa Cruz feel the happiness I feel when I visit.”

“Although I am not a permanent resident of Santa Cruz, I visit this town very often. I find that Santa Cruz is my safe space for expressing myself. I constantly find myself in a creative outlet when photographing in Santa Cruz. I consider Santa Cruz my home away from home.”

Roxanne Corbin - "Lighthouse Museum"

“Lighthouse Museum”

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