Video: How to Draw Celtic Knots

In these videos the artist, Shaylynn Ann, breaks down how to draw celtic knots in a simple and straightforward way. We followed along, had a lot of fun and ended up with some fun celtic knots of our own.

How to Draw Celtic Knots, Part 1

How to Draw Celtic Knots, Part 2

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  1. Mary March 24, 2023 at 3:35 pm #

    I’m confused, am I leaving a comment to Shaylynn Ann or to Jon Rawls? I just wanted to comment about the two videos, about how easy you make it look. I learned a long time ago how to make a simple Celtic knot that was basically two intertwining ovals. It was done by doing a square first that would be the center, then elongate each side . . . I guess you would have to see the step-by-steps to know what I was talking about. But was trying to find a few simple knots done the same way when I stumbled upon these. Thank you for simplifying it, I think I’ll work on #1 until I have it mastered before working on #2. Thank you again. Mary 🙂

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