Lee Maverick: Featured Artist

Lee Maverick - Raccoon Bumper Sticker

Raccoon Bumper Sticker

Multi-talented, Lee Maverick, has lots of art to share and some stories to tell!

“I have always been an artist. I am obsessed with making things look good, even things that are not normally considered ‘artistic.’ People say that I am very organized so art is a logical extension of that. I had a rock band for a while called THE LEE MAVERICK BAND which is a sort of audio art. There are many videos of us on YouTube, including one when we were on Santa Cruz community t.v. with our first female guitarist, who I started the band with.

“A girl I knew on the East Coast invited me here [to Santa Cruz]. She came to Santa Cruz to study to be a massage therapist. She is now an acupuncturist in Winsdsor, CA. I had to move out of where I was living. I got into my Saab V4 and drove straight to Santa Cruz. It took me less than 3 days, because I picked up a hitchhiker and we took turns driving, and less than $100. Gas was cheap then and since my car was a 4 cylinder it was even cheaper. The hitchhiker ran down the bank next to the freeway and put out his thumb under the sign that said welcome to Ohio. I was the first car that went by. He was quiet for a long time then when we were out, in the middle of the desert or something, he said ‘where the hell are you going anyway?’ I said the other end. He got quiet again. I don’t even know his name. We got to a stop sign in Sacramento and he got out without saying a word. Must have been quite a move for him too. He was a young, what i would call heavy metal, type of kid. And so the story begins…”

Lee Maverick - Club Culture Sign

Club Culture Sign

View learn more about Lee and check out all his other kinds of art, visit his website. He is also on the hunt for a new job (even if it is not art related). To contact him, call 831-426-6371 or email at l_maverick24@hotmail.com.

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