Storm Damage to the Cement Ship – We Need Your Feedback

Cement Ship Storm Damage

Update: Recently we asked LocalSC visitors how they felt about storm damage to the cement ship.

  • It’s not like it’s going anywhere, even as a reef it will still be really cool.
  • It’s really exciting to see the ship change and evolve.
  • It’s nice to remember how much fun I had there years ago.
  • The ship is an eyesore and I have no heart.
  • It’s terrible, I hate to see the cement ship go away.
  • I want to see the ship last forever, they should rebuild it.

The Results are in: People love the Cement Ship and even as a reef it will still be cool!

cement ship survey results

Even years (hopefully many years) from now, when the cement ship mostly a reef. We will still have pride in this unique piece of Aptos history.

With our most recent string of storms we can all agree that the cement ship has taken a beating, but many of us have mixed feelings on what that means for the cement ship. Is this the beginning of the end or is this just another exciting phase in the long life of Aptos’ Cement Ship?

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We really want to hear your feedback, both through the survey above and in the comment reply section below.

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One Response to Storm Damage to the Cement Ship – We Need Your Feedback

  1. Bobby December 14, 2022 at 6:51 am #

    Circa 1980s, Silver Strand, San Diego: cement boat was anchored in small bay off Silver Strand. Do you have any information on that watercraft?

    I’d love to see the Aptos ship repaired and truly hope that’s possible.

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