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Seabright Hotel and Station

All Aboard the Seabright Trolley!

The front of this card shows a trolley pulling up to the Seabright Hotel and Station. The Seabright Station was used and advertised as an Aquatic Getaway to folks in San Francisco and San Jose, mostly between the 1890’s and 1910’s. Really, not an uncommon story in the history of Santa Cruz’s neighborhoods. Santa Cruz, […]

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Seabright Beach

Secret Messages from Seabright Castle

Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California Can you decipher this message sent from Seabright to downtown? Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California A popular sheltered cove at the end of Seabright Avenue. Overlooking the beach and Monterey Bay is “The Castle”, an interesting landmark. Although Seabright no longer has a castle, it is still home to Santa […]

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Santa Cruz Beach

Julie Rawls : Featured Artist

Just prior to the 1900s, Santa Cruz was enjoying a massive expansion phase. Entrepreneurs came to the area from all over the world to set up rubber, leather and limestone businesses. In the process, they introduced locals to the Victorian style of architecture, fashion and art. Local Santa Cruz’s in-house designer, Julie Rawls, has captured […]

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