Illustration: I Can’t See You From Here

julianna chavez

Sometimes my doodles feel a lot like dreams to me. Both dreams and doodles both take inspiration from daily life, usually at moments that we aren’t even aware are inspiring. They can be random—I can’t tell you how many milk cartons and other random objects I draw all the time for no reason. Often, both dreams and doodles express honor toward someone or something that you like (I just watched Amy at the Nick and am still recovering from doing so, hence the outfit), which in terms of art is simply called inspiration.

This drawing calls itself, “I can’t see you from here,”. The woman in the picture is holding binoculars that were forgotten on a recent real life camping trip (something her hands were holding before I could really wonder why even as the artist myself; sometimes dreams just don’t make any sense because we haven’t finished them). I don’t know how she got there, and I can’t tell you what she doesn’t see,  but I do know that if she were in a dream that it wouldn’t be a nightmare. Not every question is a crisis. This drawing feels a lot like a dream to me, with bits of real life binoculars, Amy Winehouse style inspiration, and sense that is slow to make itself be realized.

Artist- Julianna Chavez

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