Mulberry Gallery

Located in the heart of historic Aptos Village is the longstanding Mulberry Gallery – a venue providing outstanding custom frame design, art, and portrait services, as well as exhibitions of work by locally and internationally renowned artists.

The framing shop and gallery space are owned and operated by partners in life and business, Del and Barbara Crawford. Del and Barbara met in the mid 70’s while attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, married and moved to Santa Cruz to raise a family and develop their work. Since establishing Mulberry Gallery many years ago, the Crawfords have become highly valued by artists, collectors, and homeowners, who come from near and far for their welcoming environment, professional insight, and artistic expertise.

The Crawfords bring quality craftsmanship, knowledge of materials, and skill with aesthetic presentation to each project. As an accomplished photographer, Barbara creates specialized portraits that highlight her understanding of people and the value in preserving memories. In addition to framework, Del is an expert in mentoring clients with the business and marketing aspects of selling art. Together, they engage customers in the creative process of matting and framing, patiently helping them select the ideal frame from among the many classic and contemporary moulding styles on display. The Crawfords also guide how a picture or collection can be arranged in a personal or professional setting to compliment the artwork and surroundings in a meaningful way.

Their venue also provides an intimate gallery space in which to promote and enhance art. Throughout many years of involvement with photography, art, and design, the Crawfords have become familiar with a variety of artistic talent, tastes of art collectors, and techniques of visual art worldwide. In addition to the business of custom framing and portraits, the Crawfords share their passion for art through exhibits that rotate approximately every six weeks.

For a limited time, the Gallery is hosting work from influential artists of surrealist and abstract expressionist movements. The current exhibit Surreal and Beyond includes one of Salvador Dali’s original engraved prints illustrated with pochoir coloring, as well as art by Mihail Chemiakin, Andre Mason, and Victor Vasarely. Coming up soon will be an exhibition of work by award-winning local artist, Laurie Zeszut, whose imaginative paintings are celebrated for their vibrant bold colors, playful asymmetry, and sense of joy.

The Crawfords are familiar with the many diverse ways in which art speaks to people – they appreciate that viewers tend to have a visceral as well as intellectual response to art that makes the selection process and connection to each photograph or painting unique to each individual. They bring a personalized approach to each customer and project. Visitors leave Mulberry Gallery having gained knowledge, inspiration, and a more rewarding relationship with the art they have framed, experienced, or purchased.

Find out more information about framing, portrait, and art services at, or visit the venue at 8050 Soquel Drive, Suite E, in Aptos Village.

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