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I don’t usually post my poetry here, but I thought that I might give this one a shot since it seems to be related to a lot of the things that have been inspiring me lately, and because it ripens as the new summer does. It’s about being refreshed, and indulging for yourself. Enjoy your summer, Santa Cruz (and let me know if you want to see more poetry)!


My Neighbor’s Roses (June 2, 2015 @ 2:22 PM)

(Secretly wishing to join a threesome with two flirting butterflies above me)

I sniff a rose in order to be kissed deeply.

Which Peter or Penelope
could outlast the Peony?

Read this since I feel this new way
in case you want to think of me:

I no longer mourn the baldness
of a blossom I’d known
for those weeks’ walks home.

I no longer wait my turn
to be passed a half-eaten
summer peach in the spring.

I am no taller
than my neighbor’s roses.
I name them Mary Jane and Moses.

Upon reincarnation,
I prayed to taste them
(that’s why I’ll be late
on weekdays).

I am no weaker
than my previous state
(and it is free to clean one’s slate).

Upon inhalation,
I think that I grow
in my mental culture
I feel is I know.

I might need more than indirect sunlight.

(Sitting inside on a gorgeous afternoon with two flirty texts rotting in my inbox).

Artist- Julianna Chavez

PS: Speaking of summer, don’t forget about the farmer’s market today downtown. The peaches are to die for!


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  1. THE_Moustache_Dad July 12, 2015 at 10:58 pm #

    you rock

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