Sarah Jaylin Mays : Performer Spotlight

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Sarah Mays strikes a pose on an aerial rope

Sarah Jaylin Mays is an impressive artistic force. She approaches the circus arts with grace and professionalism. Sarah is a mostly self taught aerial artist.

Above, she is pictured striking a pose on the aerial rope. She also performs with the aerial silks and the aerial hoop, otherwise known as a lyra. Climbing and performing with these aerial apparati not only requires impressive strength, but a sense of fearlessness. It is easy to see Sarah’s passion when she dives head first into a drop on the aerial silks. She is a part of local production group, Aurora Entertainment and can be spotted this upcoming month performing at the Boardwalk.

Sarah performs fire burlesque as Gemma Pearl

Sarah performs fire burlesque as Gemma Pearl

Sarah also brings her creative passion to the community by directing the local group, Gold Town Burlesque.

As the for Gold Town, Sarah incorporates classic burlesque, belly dance, and electronic music into the stylings of the troupe.

Encouraged by creative director and lead choreographer Sarah Jaylin Mays, The Gold Town Gems, also incorporate fire into their burlesque acts. Below, Sarah is pictured with a flaming hula hoop being swung around her toe. She likes to encourage the members of the troupe to be adventurous with their dance and explore new props like the flaming hula hoop.

Gold Town Burlesque can be spotted performing on stage at local events and at private parties. Sarah is excited to share that she and the gems will be making their first festival appearance at Northern Nights festival where the group will host a burlesque variety show on two nights of the festival.

Keep an eye out for this star, you never know when you will catch a glimpse of her flying through the sky.

More information about how to book Sarah and her Gems.

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