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Judo No is performing their debut show at Moe's Alley Thursday August 11th, 2016.

Judo No is performing their debut show at Moe’s Alley Thursday August 11th, 2016.

Mark your calendars for the debut show of Judo No: Full Contact Beats, at Moe’s Alley this Thursday, August 11th, 2016. In their own words, the band shares about their music:

“JUDO NO puts the non in non-traditional.  By tastelessly twisting ancient rhythmic patterns from around the globe, and only constructing vocal harmonies deemed illegal by the Church of England, Judo No’s audacious stage performance will unabashedly and unapologetically take over your mind and body.  Whether it’s the carefully crafted polyrhythms ripping your center of gravity to places unknown, or the blaring horns calling you to the stampede, or the subliminally manipulative lyrics switching your opinion of reality, or the wompy synth sounds and drum machine breaks making your guts churn and your hips shake, you’ll probably have to put down your drink and figure out why you are moving the way you are moving.  Don’t try and get it, just get it.  Get some Judo No.”

“How did this delicious atrocity come to be?  Our story starts with A.J., Judo No vocalist/trumpeter/guitarist/bassist/percussionist/synth player.  After years of riding on chicken buses through Central and South America, then hitchhiking through North America, the tired troubadour rested and nestled in the comfort of the foggy redwoods around Santa Cruz, CA.  One day, while A.J. started drumming some tree stumps and yelping coyote-like melodies to the salamanders and slugs, his tingly ears tilted towards a robust singing voice booming from a nearby mountain lion cave.  Out popped Lauren (vocalist/keyboardist) and the two began harmonizing their vocal play while swinging and romping through the vines and boulders of the Santa Cruz mountains.  Their raucous noise wormed its way to a hermit’s woodworking hut in nearby Bonny Doon.  While the ever-toiling Maxim (guitarist/bassist) was shaping a surfboard and preparing to crush another bomb at Maverick’s, the curiously alluring and addicting music of Lauren and A.J. made him put down his sandpaper for a minute and scratch his beard.  He chopped down a tree and made a guitar and immediately joined in with A.J. and Lauren’s unorthodox sonic circus.  Meanwhile, across the bay, a couple dead-heads were floating through a parking lot after a show. Jae (drummer) was meditating on some tablas while Carlos (percussionist) was giving away some heads of lettuce he had recently harvested.  Carlos could tell Jae was not in the mood for lettuce, so he busted out his congas and made the skins sing in a way Jae had never thought possible.  Then Jae pulled his drum kit out of his third eye and equally mesmerized Carlos with his psychoactive beats.  The two began swirling in a rhythm tornado, all the way to a scummy, leaky, steamy music rehearsal studio next to an industrial waste facility off Highway 9, where they ran into A.J., Lauren and Max.  The team started nerding out on music, then they started remembering their nerd-out sessions, then they started naming them, then they recorded them, then they made up a name for themselves, then they made a facebook page.  The rest, is, well, Judo No.”

Judo No’s connection to Santa Cruz:
“We are all out of towners who have become in towners, living among all nooks and caves throughout the county.”


You can find out more about Judo No music by visiting their website.

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