Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow launched in the summer of 2015. Over a dozen artists and hundreds of Santa Cruz locals visited the San Lorenzo River Walk to experience art and the river. Santa Cruz’s connection to the San Lorenzo River is rooted deep in our history and this program is a fantastic way for us to remember and continue that connection.

We sent our reporter, Damon Orion, to interview some of the artists and find out what they liked best about the event. Their experiences give us a glimpse into an event that was fun, exciting and engaging. I know that I am really looking forward to participating in Ebb & Flow again next year!

Featured Ebb & Flow Artists

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BANDALOOP Performance at Ebb & Flow from Arts Council Santa Cruz County on Vimeo.

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Help make the Ebb & Flow experience continue and give today at https://santacruzgives.org/nonprofit/the-arts-council/ You’re gift will keep the the momentum and create an Ebb & Flow 2016 celebration.

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Ebb & Flow Santa Cruz Gives

Ebb and Flow Santa Cruz Gives

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