Linda Curtis – Featured Artist

Bronx Jungle - Linda Curtis

Bronx Jungle – Linda Curtis

Linda’s commentary about her work:

“It may seem cliché, but the older I become, the faster time seems to pass.  My work is an attempt to encapsulate moments that will never be repeated in exactly the same way.  My background is as an acrylic painter which was my chosen medium in art school.  About 10 years ago I discovered watercolor, and without taking a class, I joyfully began experimenting.  Watercolor is now my focus, since I believe I can capture the transitory nature of my subjects by using techniques which are available to me primarily in this medium.  Glazing is a technique I use frequently in order to give vibrancy and glow to my subjects.  I enjoy hard edge in juxtaposition to areas of “wet on wet”.  I believe my fascination with color intensity is a counterbalance to being raised in the gray “coal region” of Pennsylvania.  The act of painting is meditative for me, and often results in a painting which engenders a peaceful feeling in others.  That feeling is my intent.”

Linda’s connection to Santa Cruz:

“I moved to California from Philadelphia in 1972.  I settled in the Bay Area and job connections led me to Santa Cruz.  I lived in Santa Cruz, raising my two children there.  After retiring from a job in San Jose, I looked for someplace restful, but near Santa Cruz.  My husband and I found a wonderful retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains.  The quiet surrounded by redwoods is inspiration for both of us.”

Dimensions (Capitola Sunset)

Dimensions (Capitola Sunset)

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