Limited Edition – Begonia Festival Tribute

Limited Edition Capitola History shirt, in honor of the last Capitola Begonia Festival

Did you know that this year will be your last chance to see begonia floats in Capitola. That’s it, this is the final year of the Capitola Begonia Festival.

Capitola Victorian Begonia Festival

Capitola Victorian Begonia Festival

It’s a little sad that this Capitola tradition is about to be gone for good, and we want a way to connect with the last year of colorful floats, live music, sand castle competitions and a weekend full of fun, nostalgic activities.

Because everyone is a little bummed out, and a little sad that the begonias are going we wanted to cheer you up with a little color.

We love local history, and to celebrate this final year of the Begonia Festival we are adding a little color ourselves. Our Victorian Capitola design has always included a begonia and Stockton Bridge, which are both important landmarks for the Begonia Festival. But for the first time, we are adding color to one of our neighborhood designs and offering it as a LIMITED EDITION collection. This colored collection will only be available for the month of August, and then it will be gone for good, along with the Begonias.

Limited Time, Extra Low Price

In addition to only being available this month, we are also bringing the price down. Get a shirt for as low as $14.95, That’s as much as 40% off the price of our regular history shirts!

Only Available Now!

Make sure that you order your shirt, tote bag or blanket early, so that you have it for the long weekend of festivities Sept 1st – 4th, and we look forward to seeing you at the festival.

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