Progress: Crown Construction II

wire wrapped crown progress

The centerpiece of the crown thats been attached to the band.

This week my crown became a crown!

After weeks of visualization, picturing what the center piece would look like once it was attached to a band, I connected the largest element, the head band.


Close up shot of the Ammolite in the center with Tourmaline, Garnet, and Arrowhead surrounding it.

I used thick pieces of wire to bind the center piece that I completed last week to the actual band of the crown.

For the band, I used a very thick piece of copper, thicker than I would ever used to wrap stones. This copper holds its shape very well so it will be easy to size to an individual head.



A side view of the crown showing the attachment to the band.



For its completion, I plan to fill in much of the empty space around the existing wire work and stones.

I want the crown to be more of a solid piece, with less gaps than it has now.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

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