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Mark Areais Jewelers

Mark Areias Jewelers

  These days, it is rare to come across jewelry that has not been mass-produced in a large factory. At Mark Areias Jewelers, the professional craft and personal care of jewelry is refreshingly “old-fashioned”. Local artist Mark Areias is a formally trained Goldsmith and one of this area’s most esteemed creators of fine jewelry. For […]

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Random Stitch Shawl/Scarf

Mary Rhodes – Featured Artist

Local artist Mary Rhodes shares about her crochet work: “Why outsource production of things you need when you can make so much yourself, be more connected with your self and your environment? Crochet is non-threatening, non-binary, and non-mechanized. It is the un-drug of choice for lots of otherwise respectable people to have fun with pliable […]

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Progress: Rutilated Ammonite Construction II

This week I continued my progress on an ammonite and rutilated quartz pendant. As I said in my beginning post on this project last week, my goal for this piece is to create the illusion that the two stones are fused together. I worked towards creating that by doing a very simple wrap on the […]

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wire wrapped crown progress

Progress: Crown Construction II

This week my crown became a crown! After weeks of visualization, picturing what the center piece would look like once it was attached to a band, I connected the largest element, the head band. I used thick pieces of wire to bind the center piece that I completed last week to the actual band of […]

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