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Michael Pegram: Fall skies over the Walton Lighthouse

A Santa Cruz resident for over 15 years, Michael Pegram lived the last 13 of those years in a home near Walton Lighthouse. Raised in Los Gatos, Michael doesn’t know if it was the food, live music or longboard surfing breaks that won him over. But whatever it was, he is glad that he has traded in the smell of smog for the smell of salt water. Michael plans to stay in Santa Cruz and becoming more and more active in the art community.

A recent submission from photographer Michael Pegram, in his own words:

“I began my process as a photographer about 4 years ago when I won some money in a card game and bought my first DSLR camera from Costco. I began taking photos of musicians as I have been a lifelong fan and spend most of my free time out at some concert or another. Then my camera and I became inseparable. I brought it everywhere…to events, birthdays, the beach…you name it. I documented EVERYTHING!

I also began to take photographs every evening on Twin Lakes beach, shooting the sun dipping behind the Walton lighthouse. A few of my photographer friends were impressed and they encouraged me to go out and shoot more, to learn more, to play with post production editing methods. etc. I became fully immersed in the subject of light and landscape photography. Soon I was meeting my local idols, the guys that shoot for Santa Cruz Waves and we would share tips and pics and see who could outdo the other guy as we were essentially taking the same photos…but the magic was in developing a personal editing style. I can instantly recognize a photo taken by my peers and I hope that my style is instantly recognizable by my followers. Soon I was invited to join the Waves crew and that really validated me as both an artist and a photographer. While I continue to have a day job, I began a photography business and while I still enjoy photographing nature the most, I have branched out and I now do family portraits, weddings, photography lessons, basically anything you can do behind a lens to make a buck. My ultimate goal is to have enough clients in three years so I can be a full time photographer. Due to the relentless chasing of sunsets and self education from online courses, books and trial and error, I have come a long way in a short amount of time. I can be found nearly every evening somewhere on the coast, admiring the sunset while documenting it for the ages.”

Michael Pegram Blues and Pink

Michael Pegram – Blues and Pink

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