Haley Brown – The Coping Calendar 2018: Featured Series

Haley Brown - Be Careful

Be Careful

With illustrator Haley Brown’s “Coping Calendar,” tune in to want’s important:

“I’m currently working on the third iteration of an illustrated annual calendar I create, ‘The Coping Calendar.’ This piece draws intimately from my own experiences and is deeply inspired by place. Each of the twelve images has emerged from quiet contemplation, often outside: watching the ducks at Neary Lagoon, observing the cracks in the pavement outside my apartment, encountering thorns while walking through Lighthouse Field. Tuning in to my surroundings and translating them through my body and hands and lines is a favorite way to remind myself I’m alive.”

“I grew up here in Santa Cruz and have been in and out of town since I turned eighteen – I just moved back a couple of years ago. With each return we renegotiate our relationship to each other; I ask things like: can I afford to stay here? Is there more for me to learn here? Is Santa Cruz my home? It answers with things like: ‘I don’t know but look at the ocean. Have you noticed the stacked rocks on West Cliff lately? What about lighthouse field? And what about those October sunsets?’ A few generations of my family are still here in town, and I can’t go anywhere without running into someone I know (or wondering if know someone from something or if I’ve just seen them around enough that they look familiar). And yet, there’s still so much of this town I *don’t* know, so much yet to explore! It seems every other week that a new pocket of town reveals itself, there are new people to meet, new connections to be made. Santa Cruz is tiny and huge and full of contradictions. And its strange foggy saltwater charm are in my bones for good, no matter where I end up.”

View more of Haley’s work on her website.

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