How to Draw a Stick Figure

Don’t struggle your whole life not knowing how to draw a stick figure! In fact, don’t struggle another minute. Take out a pen and paper and follow along with these 8 easy steps!

What you will need:

A pen – or a pencil, or chalk, or maybe a sharp stick?
Paper – or a wall, or a good book (which also happens to be paper).

How to Draw a Stick Figure

Step 1.

Draw a circle.

How to Draw a Stick Figure - Step 1

How to Draw a Stick Figure – Step 1:
Draw a circle.

This will be your new friends head, it is also the most important step. Without a head your stick figure would just be… sticks.

Step 2.

Draw the torso.

How to Draw a Stick Figure - Step 2

Step 2: Draw the torso.

The torso looks an awful lot like just a normal stick. You can practice this step if you want, in order to get the hang of it. Once you can draw a stick you know over 20% of what you need to know to draw a stick figure.

Step 3.

Draw shoulders and hips.

How to Draw a Stick Figure - Step 3

Step 3: Draw shoulders and hips.

Not all stick figures have shoulders and hips. But if you decide to add these then your stick figure will probably be much better at sports, like football.

Step 4.

Add the arms.

How to Draw a Stick Figure - Step 4

Step 4: Add the arms.

Don’t let this step confuse you. Here is a secret tip: the arms are really just more sticks!

Step 5.

Give this cool stick figure some legs.

How to Draw a Stick Figure - Step 5

Step 5: Give your stick figure some legs.

Remember to add both legs, unless you don’t want to.

Step 6.

Add some feet.

How to Draw a Stick Figure - Step 6

Step 6: Add some feet.

Later on, your stick figure may even decide to put these feet in a pair of boots!

Step 7.

Give your stick figure a face.

How to Draw a Stick Figure - Step 7

Step 7: Draw a smiling face.

This little guy sure is looking happy! I hope your stick figure is just as happy.

Step 8.

Give him some cool accessories.

How to Draw a Stick Figure - Step 8

Step 8: Add cool accessories.

Now that you know how to draw a stick figure, maybe you want to give him some cool accessories. Our stick figure is rocking a stylish hairdo, but maybe your stick buddy is still thinking about that football from earlier, or maybe you want to spoil your stick figure’s feet with a nice shiny pair of boots! Go wild, this is your stick figure and you control the pencil!

If you want to draw a friend for your stick figure go back to step one and follow these eight simple steps all over again. If fact you could probably draw an unlimited number of stick figures. (I drew almost 1,000 today, just to make sure I had my sticks right.)

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