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Include Everyone - 7 Ways to Get Happy, Right Now

Include Everyone – 7 Ways to Get Happy, Right Now

Way # 3 – INCLUDE EVERYONE (It’s a big boat) According to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, our relationships don’t end with family, friends, and acquaintances. If you’ve watched any of the Cosmos series, you may have learned that we are actually connected, through our DNA, to everyone who has ever lived on the planet. Now […]

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Interview with The Booth Bus : Northern California’s Vintage Volkswagen Photo Booth

No matter how many times a Volkswagen bus travels, changes ownership, or transforms, it always seems to fulfill its original purpose – inspiring adventure and celebration with great people. Anthony Alcala and his wife Jenna have taken the timeless culture of a VW bus to the next level by transforming their vintage camper van into […]

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Be Yourself – 7 Ways to Get Happy, Right Now

Way #2 – BE YOURSELF (Everyone else is taken) People who live in alignment with their core values often say they are happier, and that’s a great reason to increase your personal autonomy – defined as “independence, and freedom from external control or influence.” One way to measure your level of personal autonomy is to […]

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Accept Yourself - 7 Way to Get Happy Now

Accept Yourself – 7 Ways to Get Happy, Right Now

Way #1 – ACCEPT YOURSELF (Then consider improvements) Until recently, scientists measured happiness using only two criteria – material success and good health. Now, the new science of well-being has identified several major factors that influence our level of happiness. This is good news – even more ways to be happy! The first one is […]

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