Brenda Barcelo – Featured Artist

Bailarina cubana (Cuban Ballet Dancer) - Brenda Barcelo

Bailarina cubana (Cuban Ballet Dancer) – Brenda Barcelo

Brenda’s connection to art and Santa Cruz:

“Dance has been the passion of my life from an early age. Re-creating this passion in wood is the driving force of my work. “Danza latina” represents dancers and performers of various Latin dances: NY salsa, Spanish flamenco, Uruguayan candombe, Cuban classical ballet, Mexican folk dance, Pole dancing, and Argentine-Uruguayan tango, milonga, and vals, of which I’ve been a devoted practitioner since 1998.”

“My husband and I lived in Westside Santa Cruz for over a decade, in fact, our home was very near the gallery. Now we live in the Santa Cruz mountains, about 30 minutes from the city of Santa Cruz.”

Fin (End)

Fin (End)

The featured images are from a series entitled: “Danza Latina”. Find out more about Brenda Barcelo and her work here. happily offers free promotion to artists. You can find our artist submission page here: Submit your Artwork

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