Featured Artist: Nora Sarkissian

Nora Sarkissian is a local artist working and living in Aptos. Sarkissian is a painter and sculptor who has been teaching art in various locations (including assisting at UCSC) for 30 years. Although she has years of artistic experience, and has had formal exhibitions and showings, Nora presumes proudly that she is “still learning.”

Eurydice with Hare, on a Barge Voyage to the Underworld by Nora Sarkissian

Eurydice with Hare, on a Barge Voyage to the Underworld by Nora Sarkissian


“The sculptures I create are unfiltered poetic expressions; they are whimsical and animated images of man and nature drawn from personal experience as well as mythology.” Sarkissian tells me, crediting C. G. Jeung’s concept prima matura, or subconcious imagery.  “Each piece is a journey, as I work I allow each image to emerge spontaneously from the previous one, a metaphor for the soul’s journey.” Looking at Sarkissian’s work is a journey in itself: one’s eyes trail from ridge to mound, discovering patterns and words themselves on top of the sculpted figure–bringing double meaning to the double meaning itself!


"Alice Through The Looking Glass" by Nora Sarkissian

“Alice Through The Looking Glass” by Nora Sarkissian


“My materials consist of clay and a variety of stains and glazes,” she explains, “I layer and fire the pieces according to a specific process of experimentation to achieve the effect I desire.  A piece is completed when I feel it captures the idea I wish it to convey.”

Nora’s work is currently being shown at the San Francisco Women’s Gallery, and will also soon be offering classes in her home studio in Aptos. Her work can be seen here, on the San Francisco Women Artist Facebook page.

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