Lisa Marie Mariel: Featured Artist

Lisa Marie Mariel - "Fingerprints on My Heart"

“Fingerprints on My Heart”

Get to know artist Lisa Marie Mariel’s and her “Heart Cards and Keepsake Cards” series:

“Art has always been an important way for me to experience, express, and explore my relationship with the world. Observing nature has been and is still my primary inspiration, the shapes and patterns ‘growing’ organically on the page or the canvas. The art I’ve been focusing on the past year is handmade keepsake and occasion cards. My love of Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, and surrounding areas is something I’m sharing through my designs, and the cards themselves provide a way for people to express their love and gratitude to others, by sending a unique and frame-able card as a greeting from CA.”

“I primarily use black matte card stock and hand cut the 4×6 postcards. I use opaque metallic inks, and translucent iridescent acrylic paint to create the designs emerging from darkness.”

“I first visited Santa Cruz in March 2009, from Nashville TN. It was love at first sight, sound, smell. Everything from the climate to the bay, to the creative community, to the redwoods and mountains appeals to me. When I had the chance to move to Santa Cruz in late 2010, I took it, moving here with my oldest daughter and infant son. Through thick and thin (including homelessness, disability, and unemployment), we’ve made the most of being here and made it work. After 5 1/2 years of moving from one temporary place to another, I finally made it to the top of the waiting list at the Tannery Artist Lofts and we moved into a spacious live/work loft May 2016. Having permanent housing in Santa Cruz was a hard won achievement, and more and more of my art reflects gratitude, love, joy, and triumph through struggles (which is why the majority of my current work is with dark backgrounds).”

“I’ve been able to grow my art business (HeArtistry Design Studio), and make art more accessible to people who aren’t visiting galleries and art shows.”

Lisa Marie Mariel - "Santa Cruz Sunset Wave"

“Santa Cruz Sunset Wave”

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