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Skyline View Tracy Oliver

Tracy Oliver : Featured Artist

Recently moving to Santa Cruz, Tracy Oliver brings a creativity that blooms within its own reality. In Tracy Oliver’s own words: My art is a way for me to try to understand and balance the mystical or inexplicable against the seemingly fixed laws of nature. Often times, a painting will appear in my mind and […]

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Shugyo- “To Study”

Shugyo is a Japanese word that loosely translates to “study.” More over, it includes to use hardship as a point of study, reflection, purpose to overcome difficulty as a method of learning. This piece is acrylic on canvas. This photo of the work is an “art shot” of the art.

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Coffee Strawberry 18x24

Coffee Strawberry

Coffee Strawberry Acrylic on canvas 18″x24″ There are two of these paintings, both displayed at different residences in the Bay Area. The original was shown at an installation at Dharma’s in Capitola and was sold. While displayed, a client commissioned to have another painted like it in a slightly larger format. A fun and tasty […]

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Ame (rain)

“Ame” – Rain

“Ame” The Japanese word for Rain. This piece was painted in 2013 at the beginning of the drought. I was experimenting with a flow technique blending light viscosity airbrush paint with heavy acrylic latex. Sometimes just letting the paint do it’s thing offers a wonderful effect. This piece resides at the Gere Estate at Lake Tahoe.

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Winter 40x30


“Winter” Acrylic on canvas 40″x30″ This piece is displayed at the Chi Center 1119 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, California See more works at Acrylic Meditations

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