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Tree of Life - Michelle Fleschute

Tree of Life – Michelle Fleschute

Local artist Michelle Fleschute shares about her abstract acrylics:

“After graduating with my degree in Studio Art from Cabrillo I transferred to San Jose State. While I graduated with a degree in PR I always painted, mostly sticking to Realism. Finally, while working on some very technical bark on a tree, I realized I just wasn’t enjoying the process anymore. I took a deep breath, realized what I really wanted out of this canvas and created The Tree of Life – an explosion of vibrant color in the manner of stained glass with joyful jewel-toned bubbles throughout. Since “letting go” I have branched out more and more and now paint from my heart and soul. I have to thank my mentor and favorite art instructor at Cabrillo (shoutout to Don Thompson) who taught me to see beyond the veil and trust my instincts!”

Michelle’s connection to Santa Cruz:

“I was born in Santa Cruz in 1967, graduating from Soquel High in 1985. I moved to Germany immediately after graduation fell in love with all of the museums in Europe, but Santa Cruz is my home. I returned just in time for the October earthquake that turned our community upside down, but also brought us all together. I really love that about our community! I have been living in Scotts Valley the last ten years with my family, where I have the luxury of working from home, with plenty of time to continue painting and growing as an artist.”

Soul Ascension

Soul Ascension

You can find out more about Michelle Fleschute and her work by visiting her website.

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