Elliott Bliss – Featured Artist

East Cliff

East Cliff

Elliot’s connection to art and Santa Cruz:

“I think my art mostly speaks for itself. I love to paint and draw and am inspired by a lot by nature, especially the ocean and forests which, happily, are in abundance around here. I mostly use paint pens and ink pens.”

“Santa Cruz feels like it will always be my home and my favorite spot in the world. I love everything about it. So many of my pieces are inspired by catching a sunset at the beach or hiking in the woods. I love, love Santa Cruz. I grew up in Scotts Valley, just outside of town. All my family still lives around or close to Santa Cruz.

I love the ocean and Santa Cruz’s forests. They are always spiritually enriching and inspire and recharge me. I go to the beach very often for inspiration for paintings, but mostly to relax and recharge. Santa Cruz will always feel like home to me, and will always be one of my favorite places in the world.”



The included images are from a series of work, entitled: “The World is Rad”

Find out more about Elliot’s work here. Or see more of the artist’s work on Instagram at: elliott_bliss

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