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Nana Montgomery - "Across the Universe"

“Across the Universe”

Quilter, Nana Montgomery, has lived in Santa Cruz most of her life, having shown in the community for over 20 years. She shares her expressive work:

“The imagery in my work comes from a surrealistic tradition that focuses on expression of emotions, ideas and dreams. By employing a vocabulary of symbols that work on multiple levels of meaning, I am intent on expressing the universal themes such as love, life and death. Visual references to the elements such as fire and water help to deepen the connection that I feel to the natural forces and their use in the symbology of emotion. I’m seeking to expand the notion of what a quilt can be. I continue to be drawn to the quiltmaking tradition and my choice of media is as important as the issues and ideas that I am exploring.”

“When I first started making quilts in my early teens, I learned the traditional methods. As I developed into an artist and a painter, I began to apply a new perspective to my quiltmaking. I started to question the rules and began to experiment outside the folk tradition. My approach to surface, content and imagery took my quilts into the realm of fine art. I continue to be drawn to the quiltmaking tradition and the act of constructing an object from cloth and paint.”

“My choice of media is as important for its function as the vehicle for exploring issues and ideas as the images themselves. My work could be expressed as painting only but there would be something lost in the process. Working with the color, pattern and texture of the fabric combined with paint is integral to my expression.”

Nana Montgomery - "Starry Sky"

“Starry Sky”

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