Complete: Mastodon Tooth


wire wrapped fossil mastodon

This fossilized mastodon tooth is wrapped in copper wire.

This week’s pendant feature reflect more masculine energy than I usually incorporate into my pieces.

This pendant features a fossilized mastodon tooth. It naturally takes on an intense black color. I paired it with the bright copper to attract more light towards the piece and make it more eye catching.


This shot highlights some of the side detail.

I played with a lot of detail work on this piece to create a dynamic cage for this powerful tooth.

One aspect I really like about this piece in that wire doesn’t obscure the surface of the tooth itself. I love to create pieces where the beauty of the stone shines through.

wire wrapped fossil mastodon

I used a weave pattern to create a bail.

I like to have a variety of pendants for different people to connect with. I hope that those seeking a masculine pendant will be able to connect with this one.




Artist- Sarah Orlik




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  1. Wayne A. Thompson Thompson March 25, 2018 at 12:35 pm #

    this is not a mastodon tooth! It’s a shark’s tooth.

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