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Spontaneous Swirls

Completed: Spontaneous Swirls

This week I completed a pendant that doesn’t follow any rules! Lately, I’ve been working on designs that are really symmetrical. Its been challenging to try to bring that aspect into my art. This week I decided to let go of trying to conform to certain shapes and just let my imagination run wild. I […]

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Fiery Feather Earrings

Completed: Fiery Feather Earrings

I’m excited to share this pair of feather earrings made using one of my favorite stones: fire agate. Similar in quality to opals, another one of my favorites, fire agate has a glowing quality when light hits it. The fiery glowing parts of the stone vary in color and quality within the same stone. It […]

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Fluorite with Points

Completed: Fluorite with Points

This pendant features a fluorite stone paired with amethyst and quartz. I love the combination of shapes and colors with this piece and waiting to wrap it for a while. My vision for this pendant is that it looks somewhat like a wing. I sometimes call it the fairy wing pendant. The stones are wrapped […]

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Fluorite chunk with mother of pearl

Completed: Fluorite and Pearls

This is an earlier piece that I’ve made. I like the way I’ve combined the different stones. When I was making this piece, I could really envision how the mother of pearl would fit in the curve of the fluorite chunk. I remember it being really fun to bring that vision to life. I used copper […]

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completed progress larimar wire wrap

Progress: Completed Larimar

This week I finished the larimar pendant project. Last week, I had created the structural pieces that hold the stone in place. All that was left to do this week was to add the detailed elements that pull the piece together. I used a mix of techniques to give the pendant more texture and variety. […]

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wire wrapped pendant multi-stone

Completed: Down the Rabbit Hole

This week I want to share one of my favorite pieces I’ve made. I had a lot of fun combining different stones and beads to create this pendant. For this piece, I wrapped each stone separately. Then, I combined the individual wraps together one by one. Once all of the pieces were together, I added […]

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wire wrapped fossil mastodon

Complete: Mastodon Tooth

  This week’s pendant feature reflect more masculine energy than I usually incorporate into my pieces. This pendant features a fossilized mastodon tooth. It naturally takes on an intense black color. I paired it with the bright copper to attract more light towards the piece and make it more eye catching. I played with a […]

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larimar inspiration wire wrapping

Progress: Larimar Inspiration

  This week I began working on a new custom pendant using a Larimar stone. Larimar is said to promote tranquillity and a strong sense of inner peace and serenity. It is useful in time of pressure and stressful change as its cooling and calming energy is said to help soothe frazzled nerves and reduce stress. I […]

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