Performer Spotlight: Alaya Heather Crystal

Performer fire Alaya Crystal

Alaya blissfully dances with her fire fans

Alaya Heather Crystal is a local dancer, teacher, and performing artist, involved in the Santa Cruz arts scene since 1998.

She has primarily performed as a Brazilian dancer and Firedancer at numerous festivals, shows, and events, and has been a teacher of these art forms in Santa Cruz and Northern California to both children and adults. Alaya has shared the stage in performance with Bassnectar, India Arie, Zap Mama, Sound Tribe, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Brett Dennen, among many others. She has performed for festivals and events such as Earthdance, High Sierra, Symbiosis, and Burning Man Fire Conclave.

She has recently been focusing on a style of sharing movement in social service areas, as an intentionally healing and consciousness-raising medium. She is about to launch a new website presenting this form of Dance performance, as well as introducing her Dance Therapy practice using a form of healing dance therapy which she has created called Source Dance and Movement Therapy.

Alaya performer posing

Alaya strikes a heart opening pose


While she loves to bust out to electronic music, samba rhythms, and swing fire, she also is in love with slow, prayerful forms of movement, and is beginning to incorporate that into her own unique style, creating authentic, uplifting, and healing dance and movement performances aligned with Source and expressed from what she calls her “Universal Self”. This unique style of choreography and movement allows for a multidimensional experience of dance to manifest in the form of a performance, presentation, or a healing dance session.

In “Source Dance”, the movement of the dance as well as the energy that comes through it originates from Source and carries energy that is pure, truthful, and brings through the energy of the intention which is set before each performance, presentation, or healing dance session. The audience or client can tune in to the energy of the dance to feel and to receive the specific energy which each dance performance, presentation, or session carries.

Alaya is also in the beginning stages of bringing a healing dance project to hospital programs, social service, and environmental programs, which will be in an Indiegogo campaign coming soon!

For more information about Alaya’s dance projects, or to receive a free healing dance session, please email her at:

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