Saturday Morning Inspiration: My Neighbor’s Roses


This is partial inspiration for the last poem that I posted, My Neighbor’s Roses. These one’s aren’t quite as attainable–in fact, I day dream of flying over the fence somehow very discretely, and finally smelling that lovely bunch. However, the jasmine flowers remind me to stay grounded, and to appreciate the sweetness already so near to me.

The photograph itself is not in fact of the specific roses that I wrote about; those are across the street. These, though, are so beautiful, and I wonder and speculate. It’s actually two photographs: half of a home (the other half was shaded by trees and fences), and a garden down the street. Santa Cruz never fails to give one the most lovely walk home.

I hope that you all stop to breathe in the love that those flowers that crane their necks out on the sidewalks. They are for you. (Just don’t cut them, because I’d miss them).

Artist- Julianna Chavez

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  1. Jon Rawls June 27, 2015 at 11:39 am #

    Man, that crooked little window really reminds me of my childhood.

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