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Resin Flower Pendant

Completed: Resin Flower Pendant.

This pendant evolved over time. Its unique because I created the wire wrap and the central resin piece. The resin piece in the center was created using flowers, a magazine clipping, and a liquid epoxy resin. I selected a group of small stones to compliment the central piece and wrapped them together in a cluster. […]

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illustration by julianna chavez

Illustration: Autopilot (a self portrait)

This week’s illustration, Autopilot, represents moments when I feel most like myself. Namely, I’m referring to walks home, usually from running errands. I believe religiously in stopping and smelling the roses, and if the roses do not require stopping, then I put myself on autopilot, completely encapsulated in the scent of the flowers. With the […]

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Julianna Chavez

Illustration: Window Views

  My family members often ask me why I don’t use rulers when I draw things with a straight edge, such as buildings and windows. The reason for that is not simply because I don’t have one, or because I’m lazy. The reason is all about perspective. Perspective is something that I consider to be […]

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Illustration: Space

As an artist, I hope for my viewers to know as much of me as they can through my work, and have always taken an interest in rare representations of bedrooms and private spaces of artists whom I admire. In terms of gathering more information about the artist, I feel that drawing or painting one’s own […]

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Orange Flower

Local Comparisons

      The Local Comparisons series is a mixed media project featuring two months worth of various pressed flowers picked from Santa Cruz sidewalks, paired with buildings and homes that are near them. This photo series explores exterior combinations which are already related to each other, and uses separate perspectives of time and space in order to recombine the images into even more branches […]

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