Local Comparisons




The Local Comparisons series is a mixed media project featuring two months worth of various pressed flowers picked from Santa Cruz sidewalks, paired with buildings and homes that are near them. This photo series explores exterior combinations which are already related to each other, and uses separate perspectives of time and space in order to recombine the images into even more branches of visual meaning.

Orange Flower

Westcliff Home

I picked these flowers myself during sporadic walks around Westside Santa Cruz, and took the digital photographs during cathartic afternoon bike rides along Westcliff and the Boardwalk. This project highlights two central themes that most of my work ties back to: the laid-back grandeur of California scenery, and romance-based nostalgia. Through these lenses, I strive to remind viewers of the simpler and more common instances of magic that surround us every time we walk outside.

Big & Small Flowers

Enroute to the Boardwalk



Artist- Julianna Chavez



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