Video: How To Draw a Rose

An easy tutorial; How to Draw a Rose.

Simple but fun drawing tutorials are not only fun to follow along with, I find that they can be VERY relaxing to watch! Even seasoned artists can enjoy the mellow serenity of theses types of how-to videos, but for beginners you should feel free to follow along and learn how to draw a rose.

  1. Let’s start out with a pencil, this initial sketch will be erased later on.
  2. Draw an oval shape and secondary “U” shape, similar to a tulip or vase.
  3. Bring up the main petals, I find it easy to think of that first petal as an “S” shape.
  4. The petals fold outwards, so you can give them some dimension.
  5. Continue to fill your rose with petals, from the outside in, to keep the right perspective.
  6. Add a stem and leaves to the base of the rose.
  7. When you are happy with how it is looking, we can switch to pen.
  8. Your Rose is Looking Great!
  9. Start to outline your rose with the pen, again working from the outside in.
  10. Once you have the petals, leaves and stem inked, we can erase your initial pencil work.
  11. Now you can either go back with a pencil to add shading, or you could try out line shading and even crosshatching with the pen.
crosshatching - shading with a pen

Crosshatching – Shading with a pen

If you followed along, and want to draw a rose again, here is another artists take on how to draw a rose.

Simple instructions, with a clear illustration: How To Draw a Rose

how to draw a rose

How To Draw A Rose

  1. Sketch out the body of the rose, including general structure for petals and stem.
  2. Start to build on the structure of the petals and leaves.
  3. Continue building detail, add a spiral of petals, veins in the leaves, but maybe leave out the thorns, no-one likes rose thorns.

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You can find more inspiration and how-to videos Here.

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