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Tommy of Rawthentic Artwork - Garbage Pail Caricature

Garbage Pail Caricature

Tommy, of Off the Wall Custom Creations, gives us a peek into his influences and style:

Jim Phillips art has always been a been inspiration, I am a screaming hand fanatic!

I also really dig Jimbo Phillips artwork too. Local Santa Cruz graffiti crews from the 90’s like TITS, DSM, FTL, TGB, WBS, AYK, etc. Also played a big roll in my art inspiration as a youngster coming up in the game.

I was raised in Slug City & lived there for 14 years. Been a Santa Cruz native since the area code was still 408.

Growing up in a open minded area like Santa Cruz I found inspiration from every angle. If it wasn’t for Santa Cruz I would’ve probably never gotten into graffiti art which is how I pay rent these days. You can go any place in the world but there’s no place like SC!

Tommy of Rawthentic Artwork - Board Transformation Tues

Board Transformation Tues

View more of Tommy’s work on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Order from his Threadless Shop and learn about custom commissions on Etsy.

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