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Kathy Cheer - Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Artist Kathy Cheer’s painting have a global, well-traveled appeal, with wonderful forms and energetic color schemes.

“The subject matter is of a historical as well as contemporary nature. I’ve had some luck with visitors, mostly from Bay Area, the Midwest and even some from Puerto Rico or adjacent islands (hard to tell). I also apply my images to VIDA, a Collection of international women artists whose images appear on clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc. At present, I am creating small size paintings which I then photograph and transfer via iPhoto to my computer. Real fun to see myself looking even better, deeper vibrant color. I have lived, painted and exhibited in Santa Cruz for over 25 years.”

Alex and Andra

Alex and Andra

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  1. KATHY Cheer January 21, 2018 at 12:16 pm #

    Thank you Julie. I appreciate the flattering comments and giving me additional exposure as it always helps.

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