Be Yourself – 7 Ways to Get Happy, Right Now

Way #2 – BE YOURSELF (Everyone else is taken)

People who live in alignment with their core values often say they are happier, and that’s a great reason to increase your personal autonomy – defined as “independence, and freedom from external control or influence.”

One way to measure your level of personal autonomy is to ask yourself, “do I act from my own interests and values, or do I serve the values of others picked up from friends, family, popular culture, society or religion?”

“Do I soft-pedal my own interests and values to please someone else, to be popular, or fit in?”

If any of this rings true, we might be giving up a chunk of our happiness without realizing it! The next question is – “How do I start unwinding entanglements which can block my experience of happiness?

We can start by learning both an ancient form of meditation and a modern process called Values Clarification – just two of the lifetime tools taught in the 5-week program, “Be Happy & Well.”

Mindfulness meditation increases self-awareness and can reveal profound insight into the nature of our minds, helping to free us from limiting beliefs and promoting greater recognition of our own autonomy. One person said, “I’m starting to feel more myself, and I like it…”

Mindful attention also helps reveal our default values – the thoughts and feelings we unconsciously give attention and energy to that can make us unproductive and derail important goals. This can be the first step to getting on track with what we really want to express in our lives.

Values Clarification is a process that helps us get clear on what really matters to us, so we can live a life that is not only interesting and satisfying, but personally engaging and purposeful. These are key ingredients to living more mindfully and being self-motivated – which increases our personal autonomy, raising our baseline for experiencing happiness!

Another tool for increasing your personal autonomy that is taught In the class ‘Be Happy & Well’ are the Principles of Self-Leadership. These are guides to putting you in the driver’s seat of living your own life.

You’ll learn about self-motivation and how to create more of it. You’ll experience how practicing mindfulness can help you get out of your own way, and put you ‘in the zone’ of enhanced performance. Most of all, these techniques and practices can raise your baseline for happiness and well-being! Sign up here.

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