Shelon Bennett: Featured Artist

Shelon Bennett - Silver pebbles earrings

Silver pebbles earrings

Take a peek into the work and philosophy of jewelry-maker, Shelon Bennett:

“I have been privileged to grow up in the art friendly community of Santa Cruz and have benefited greatly from exposure to art from a young age. I have always been encouraged to observe the beauty that surrounds me. I am inspired by organic forms in nature and the geometry of architecture.”

“My Work: Features found objects as a way to narrate and add history to a piece. I use the juxtaposition of finding discarded objects and elevating them to the realm that we typically reserve for materials of intrinsic value, gold, silver, diamonds. I may set a everyday item the way you would set a precious stone. I combine workhorse materials, steel, wood,denim, plastic, or glass with precious metals.”

“I was born and raised here, my grandparents on both sides moving to Santa Cruz in the 40’s. I’ve lived away from Santa Cruz for 15 years but have come back to take care of my Dad who is 83 years old (he’s as local as they come).”

View more of Shelon’s work on Instagram and her website

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