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Stephen Strahm - Eros Group

Eros Group

Even before the first note is strummed, luthier (guitar maker) Stephen Strahm, has already put his heart and soul into his creations.

“Some people can go a lifetime without finding something that gives their life meaning. When I strung up my first guitar I knew what that meaning was. Building guitars is the only time I’m actually free and my goal is to help create a similar feeling for the player and the audience. There is a lot of love, passion, dedication, sacrifice, and long hours involved in what I do. It’s also very emotional at times. It can be hard to encompass every action and thought involved but I can sum it up with this: The meaning of the word Catharsis is an emotional release usually through art or music. That’s what building guitars is for me.”

“As a child I would visit Santa Cruz to see my grandmother who lived here. I remember thinking how unique and beautiful it was and that hopefully one day I could live here. Now that I’ve been here almost 20 years I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I’m proud to be a Santa Cruzian and more importantly a part of the local guitar making community.”

Stephen Strahm - Tamco - detail

Tamco – detail

View more of Stephen’s work on his website and on Instagram.

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