Ciara Barsotti – Space Cowgirls: Featured Series

Ciara Barsotti - Clothos


Artist, Ciara Barsotti shares with us her series: “Space Cowgirls: An Exploration into Anachronistic Dreamscapes.” It is currently up at Lulu Carpenter’s through the month of July and will be at the Abbey in August.

“I’ve loved adventure stories from the old west and science fiction since I was a kid (I drew nothing but horses in elementary school and switched to aliens in high school), and after a painting trip to Utah last summer with Ann Thiermann (local muralist and painter) I became enraptured by the landscapes there, and by the work of Maynard Dixon, San Franciscan southwest artist, who inspired the trip. As I was exploring these landscapes through paint, I started to layer on these inter-dimensional space girls passing through my ‘snapshots’ of bygone eras while I considered themes of loss, nostalgia, and our legacy on this earth.”

“Within the last two years I’ve lost both of my grandfathers, so naturally these ideas have been on my mind. As my aunt started to go through the objects and artifacts in my paternal grandpa and grandma’s home, she has passed on some of my great grandma’s paintings of the Grand Canyon where she lived, and even came across two canvas boards still with sketches on them. I took these and used the sketches in paintings, which I then incorporated into my series. They are the only two that depict actual Arizona landmarks (the Superstition Mountains and the Rainbow Bridge), which I think lends itself to the theme of preserving the past for the future. You could say this series is four generations in the making!”

“I’ve lived in Soquel for four years, and I hike in the various state parks every week. I love living so close to nature!”

Ciara Barsotti - The Rainbow Bridge in the Year 2525

The Rainbow Bridge in the Year 2525

View more of Ciara’s work on her website.

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