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That 1 Guy - Musician featured 2

That 1 Guy: Featured Musician

Trying to fit That 1 Guy’s music into a preexisting category is like trying to hold a snake prisoner in a shopping cart. Simultaneously cutting-edge and rustic, it’s a quirky, inventive, utterly fascinating Primus/Beck/Ween/Frank Zappa/Reggie Watts/Keller Williams conference call. At the heart of it all is a Dr. Seussian contraption called The Magic Pipe. Approximately […]

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Etienne David Franc

Etienne David Franc : Featured Musician

Local musician Etienne David Franc is determined to capture his song ideas… even if it kills him. “Almost all of my writing happens—very dangerously—while I’m driving,” the bassist/guitarist/vocalist/rapper confesses. Franc does a huge amount of his composing on iMaschine, the phone app version of a drum machine/sequencer/controller that is changing the way producers make beats […]

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