More Proof That It Is All a Lie Tomorrow – 1907

I’m sure everyone will wonder what the rest of this shocking story is!

Apr 1
7 – AM

Postcard about lies from Watsonville in 1907

J.B.E. Schroer
1325 Wellington Ave.
Chicago Ill.

Postcard about lies from Watsonville in 1907

7380 Strawberry Farm, 130 Acres. Watsonville, Cal.


Dear folks, I wrote you a long letter yesterday explaining never beleive anything except from my own lips. Will send you more proof that it is all a lie tomorrow. Am perfectly well + Happy, I might leave for home Sat n Sun- so you won’t wory.

Love & Kisses from Betts

Do you think this could have been an April fools from 1907? If this is an April Fools Day joke, it is fun to think that “Betts” still has us going a hundred and ten years after penning her prank.

A note about transcribing postcards:

cursive alphabet

A cursive key for transcribing postcards

When I find and transcribe these quick notes from history I make a point to try and be accurate, including leaving spelling errors and punctuation in place. But there are times when I have to sit with a card and read it quite a few times to figure out what they are trying to say. There are other times when I am forced to give up because I can’t make heads or tails of a word. So please, if you see something that could be corrected please feel free to let me know in the comments, I appreciate the help.

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