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2016 Open Studios Art Tour

Open Studios Art Tour

Every artist has a different creative process, and a unique place where their art comes to life. The annual Open Studios Art Tour provides an opportunity to go behind the scenes and more closely understand the style and experience the workspace of a local artist. For the first three weekends in October, hundreds of artists […]

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Random Stitch Shawl/Scarf

Mary Rhodes – Featured Artist

Local artist Mary Rhodes shares about her crochet work: “Why outsource production of things you need when you can make so much yourself, be more connected with your self and your environment? Crochet is non-threatening, non-binary, and non-mechanized. It is the un-drug of choice for lots of otherwise respectable people to have fun with pliable […]

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Blue Storm Wave - Sara Sha

Sara Sha – Featured Artist

Today’s featured artist is Sara Sha, with paintings from her “Ocean Series”. The artist shares that she “helps people express their love of nature through my artwork.” Sara has lived in Santa Cruz all her life, and is currently living in Capitola. You can see more of Sara Sha’s other paintings, her studio, and her creative process at the […]

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Artwork by Ed Smiley

Ed Smiley : Featured Artist

If you’re familiar with just a few local artists, abstract painter Ed Smiley is probably one of them. The artist walked us through his technical process of making these exquisitely wild paintings: “My art practice incorporates acrylic transfer of digital printing and xerography into a acrylic painting, as well as inclusion of drawing media, and […]

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Danielle Williamson Featured Artist

Danielle Williamson : Ebb & Flow Featured Artist

Out of the ten temporary art installations that appeared along the San Lorenzo River for the Ebb & Flow River Arts Project this past June, only one was not made specifically for that event. Ironically, that work—a video projection by local filmmaker/media artist Danielle Williamson—was arguably the one that most seemed custom-made for Ebb & […]

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silica pendant

Inspirationand First Steps: Gem Silica Pendant

  This week I am starting on a new pendant for myself! I’m excited about this project. I’ve been waiting for a while to have the opportunity to create something with this beautiful gem silica stone. I bought the stone from someone that I follow on instagram, who cuts stones and sets them into jewelry. […]

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