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Augie W.K. - "She gotta have legs" (woodcut)

“She gotta have legs” (woodcut)

Get to know the artist and “Grown Ass Kid” Augie W.K.:

“My name is Augie W.K., illustrator, canvas artist and muralist. My art is colorful, I often go straight from a rough sketch directly to painting an image, figuring out the colors and forms as the painting develops. My work is very cheeky, reminiscent of my own personality. My goal is to make work that attracts your eyes with interesting color; then when you get in close you can find a joke or a silly pun to give you a grin to remember later on. Aside from outdoor murals and canvases, I work with a jigsaw to cut discarded wood into my desired shape to paint as well. These painted woodcuts help to emphasize the shape better than a canvas can, and the end results after painting and sealing are unique beautiful works that display beautifully. Woodwork is another passion of mine, so incorporating that makes it all-the-more satisfying to me to hang these labors of love, knowing the long process to it takes to get there.”

“My three painted electrical boxes in Salinas, CA are also important to me because people see these everyday, and my main goal is to live forever through my art so that’s why I’ll always be a muralist alongside my other endeavors. I just look forward to painting my whole life and getting people interested in art, and the colors that are around them naturally as well, I keep a lot of nature and human form as subject in my paintings. Beauty is everywhere, color is everywhere, everyone can behave artistically, even in everyday life.”

“I work as a luthier for Santa Cruz Guitar Company building acoustic guitars for my day job. I was born and raised in the Salinas Valley, but through work, friendships and artistic endeavors, I always find myself in Santa Cruz.”

“This past March, alongside artist Jessica Carmen, I held a First Friday art event in downtown Santa Cruz on Cooper St, our first show opening and we receive a warm reception. Our art stayed up at 110 Cooper at for 2 months, and we were beyond ecstatic to open our viewer base so widely and in a town where strangers wandered in throughout the opening night and stayed and shared words while enjoying themselves immensely.”

“Our next show is June 2 at Karma Fashion Lounge 415 Alvarado St in Monterey. It’s called “Grown Ass Kids” and it’s a collection of mine and Jessica’s most colorful, at times simple, and at times intricate, works that connect to the inner child that lives within us. We’re not forcing our art to be stiff and serious, rather we embrace simple thoughts, and execute them to the best of our adult, artistic capabilities.”

Augie W.K. - "Pink Tusks"

“Pink Tusks”

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