Completed: Resin Flower Pendant.

wire wrapped resin art pendant

This pendant combines resin art with wire wrapping

This pendant evolved over time. Its unique because I created the wire wrap and the central resin piece.

The resin piece in the center was created using flowers, a magazine clipping, and a liquid epoxy resin.

wire wrapped resin art pendant

This cluster of small stones is wire wrapped together

I selected a group of small stones to compliment the central piece and wrapped them together in a cluster. Each stone is both wrapped with wire individually and wrapped to the rest of the group of stones.

wire wrapped resin art pendant

The detail work on the sides is simple.

I kept the wire wrapping simple around the sides to let the central resin piece and the stones be the focus.

This peice is a personal favorite of mine. I plan to make more resin pieces like this in the future.

Artist- Sarah Orlik


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