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Perfectly Lovely Santa Cruz

Horses on the Beach in Santa Cruz

Beach cabanas, horses, carriages and the beach trolley rolling down the track at the boardwalk? The author of this postcard was right, it certainly is lovely here in Santa Cruz! Will try to stop over Monday night. Am having a fine time. Tis perfectly lovely here Dasy Oakland, Cal. JUN 78 -PM1911 Boulder Creek Cal. […]

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Santa Cruz Surf - Pehea oe

Pehea ‘oe?

Many of the cards we post are difficult to read. But on this postcard sent from Santa Cruz to Honolulu in 1905 Luika’s handwriting is beautiful! “Pehea oe”? Write some day. – Aloha nui from Luika. 4.-24.-’05. Dear “Ikabella” On the surf at Sta. Cruz. wish you were here: will go to los Angeles this […]

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Harbor Beach Volleyball Cam

Harbor Beach Volleyball Cam

Santa Cruz Beach Camera – Volleyball Courts Across from the volleyball courts at the Santa Cruz Harbor’s beach, this nest feed is another from Dig Santa Cruz volleyball courts. There are some really neat wave sets going on right now because of El Nino, with occasional 12-14′ waves. It is a fun day to check […]

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Sea Otter Web Cam

Sea Otter Cam

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Seaotters.com has a rediculiously cool camera up, watching the otters that live year round at the mouth of the Elkhorn Slough. I have been watching this sea otter cam for a while now and just realized that I could embed it and be able to share it with you. […]

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Steamer Lane Cam Sunset

Steamer Lane Cam

Steamer Lane Cam, seen from the Harbor An earlier view from the Steamer Lane lighthouse point cam at Sunset. Surfline Cam for Steamer Lane This is a clearer, live cam view of steamer lane. We are posting it after the other view because it has a time limit and ads. Steamer Lane Live HD Surf […]

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Santa Cruz Harbor Live Cam

Harbor Cam

Santa Cruz Harbor Cam These cameras aren’t exactly “Live” feeds, since they only refresh every 10 minutes or so. But they are still fun to tune into every couple of days. Tune in to watch the sunset from the beach, check out the surf, the waves, or watch some sail boats cruise in and out […]

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Main Beach Live Cam

Main Beach Cam

Santa Cruz Beach Camera – Volleyball Courts This nest feed is sponsored by Sawasadee, across from the main beach volleyball courts. Occasionally, when I am inside working of across town in the Aptos fog I like to check out the local beach cams. Particularly if there is a great looking sunset happening and I don’t […]

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Greg Stanley - The Wait

Greg Stanley : Featured Artist

Greg Stanley: Hemp Surf Art In Greg Stanley’s words “I’ve always enjoyed art and fell in love with Santa Cruz the first time I came here in 1981, when I was 19. The first time I ever surfed was in 1985 off Pleasure Point. It was like magic. I discovered a composite board made from […]

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