Jonas Davidson: Featured Artist

Jonas Davidson - Satin White on Speckled Buff

Satin White on Speckled Buff

Jonas Davidson, aka: Permanent Vaclaytion’s clean lines make his charming ceramic’s work instant classics:

“I’ve always appreciated functional ceramics, from collecting antique pottery to enjoying all the cool work of ceramicists at art-related festivals. I guess I like to look at my work as a product for the reason that I’m driven to create pieces that can go in sets and be collected upon. I like the idea that someone could buy a couple plates or mugs from me one day and continue to build upon that rather than creating one-offs. Of course you’ll almost never find a perfect match between two handmade pieces, but all the subtle differences between each piece allows for something to take notice in after more use over time. I worked in restaurants as a cook for years and got a lot of fulfillment out of cooking and making something for others to enjoy in company. So the idea of people using my work to enjoy food, or even a pot of coffee, with friends and family is also very fulfilling to me.”

Jonas Davidson - Plate


“I’m a second-generation born and raised local who grew up and went to school here, even at the college-level. As a result, I have a lot of friends and family here, as well as all the countless memories from my life that I get to revisit whenever I am out and about. Really I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, especially anywhere far from the ocean.”

Jonas Davidson - White Vase

White Vase

View more of Jonas’ work on his Instagram and website.

Also, visit Jonas at his Pop-up show this Saturday, Nov 11th, 12-5pm at Stripe (107 Walnut Ave. Downtown Santa Cruz).

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