Five Summer Adventures in Santa Cruz

Summer in Santa Cruz

What is Summer like in Santa Cruz?

Has it always been this hot, have we always had traffic, tourists, fog and waves?

Starting in 1903 these five postcard snapshots from Santa Cruz history take you back to see a Santa Cruz not so different from today. With bathers in the surf, fog in the mornings and evenings, great food and beautiful views pretty much everywhere you look. You may find yourself surprised at just how perfect Santa Cruz summer has always been.

One of the most interesting attractions in Santa Cruz

S.C. 112 Lighthouse, Santa Cruz

S.C. 112 Lighthouse, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Aug 11
11:30 PM
Seabright Sta.

Light House Postcard Back

LIGHT HOUSE This is one of the most interesting attractions in Santa Cruz. The light house point is the dividing line between the ocean and the Bay of Monterey.

Dear Virgil

We are having such a nice time + a good rest down here. Know you would enjoy the surf bathing. Hope you are well.

Mrs. Graham

Mr. Virgil Talbot
Route A.
Box 283

Retired Life in Santa Cruz

Natatorium and Pleasure Pier

1493 – Natatorium and Pleasure Pier, Santa Cruz, California


Aug 0
8 AM

Natatorium and Pleasure Pier Back

O isn’t is nice to live a retired life. but O my when you feal it in your, backbone. that it won’t last long. Tis high on (…German…?).

With love to you,

Miss Linda Stein…fer
816 Suncite Str

San Jose, Cal

On Our Way to the Beach!

Mt. Hermon view postcard

Mt. Hermon view, Santa Cruz County, Cal.

Santa Cruz, Cal.

Aug 12

Mt. Hermon view postcard back

Clarence and I are on our way to the Beach. News to you.


Mrs. Clara L. Taylor
Box 391,
Santa Cruz,

Stuck in the Santa Cruz Fog?

Monarch postcard

Carmel. Calif.

Aug 12
530 PM

Monarch postcard back

The Monarch Butterfly migrates to Pacific Grove each winter from Northern Canada and Alaska. They return to the same group of trees in Butterfly Park at Pacific Grove, California, each year.

Dear Ock,
We all hope your cold is better. We are on our way to Carmel to swim. The sun comes out once in a while. But we still love it here. We are going to cab out to-night. See you Saturday I guess we will be home around 12 oclock or after. Love El
Mr. Oscar Jelinsky
100 Valley Ave.
San Francisco 12

The Jolliest Kind of a Time Eating in Santa Cruz.

Cliff Drive postcard

Scenic along Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, Cal.

Aug 11, 1903
Dear Gus: –
Top of the morning to you! We are having the jolliest kinds of a time, taking in everything. And talk along appetite – I’m afraid your golf suit won’t hold me when I get back.

Cliff Drive postcard back

Oakland. Cal

Aug 11
7 PM

Santa Cruz

Aug 11
2 PM

Mr. Gus Magerstadl
1355 Tenth St.,

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