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Tree of Life - Michelle Fleschute

Michelle Fleschute – Featured Artist

Local artist Michelle Fleschute shares about her abstract acrylics: “After graduating with my degree in Studio Art from Cabrillo I transferred to San Jose State. While I graduated with a degree in PR I always painted, mostly sticking to Realism. Finally, while working on some very technical bark on a tree, I realized I just […]

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Blue Storm Wave - Sara Sha

Sara Sha – Featured Artist

Today’s featured artist is Sara Sha, with paintings from her “Ocean Series”. The artist shares that she “helps people express their love of nature through my artwork.” Sara has lived in Santa Cruz all her life, and is currently living in Capitola. You can see more of Sara Sha’s other paintings, her studio, and her creative process at the […]

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East Cliff

Elliott Bliss – Featured Artist

Elliot’s connection to art and Santa Cruz: “I think my art mostly speaks for itself. I love to paint and draw and am inspired by a lot by nature, especially the ocean and forests which, happily, are in abundance around here. I mostly use paint pens and ink pens.” “Santa Cruz feels like it will […]

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Bronx Jungle - Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis – Featured Artist

Linda’s commentary about her work: “It may seem cliché, but the older I become, the faster time seems to pass.  My work is an attempt to encapsulate moments that will never be repeated in exactly the same way.  My background is as an acrylic painter which was my chosen medium in art school.  About 10 […]

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Featured Artist: Teresa Richardson

UCSC Alumni, Teresa Richardson, is a digital illustrator whose captivating work is inspired by another form of art–cinema! “Most of my drawings, paintings, and animations come from scenes in movies or music videos. I am drawn to characters in film that have private moments on screen. As a kid I was always absorbed and affected […]

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Mr. Sweeny

Featured Artist: Ken Keegan

  Ken Keegan is a name of many titles: baseball player, UCSC alumnus, beloved & retired campus bus driver, gallery opener, and sponsor for a sport’s radio show on 1080 KSCO AM (Coach’s Decision, Wednesdays from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM). However, today we’re appreciating the artwork of Ken Keegan, rightfully self-described as “abstract, surreal, […]

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