Complete: Turqoise Pinecone


Third Eye Pinecone Wire Wrap

I amplified the beauty of a Third Eye Pinecone pendant with some wire wrapped flair.

This piece features the art of another local santa cruz company, Third Eye Pinecones. Third Eye Pinecones does a great job of pairing natural pinecone slices with different mineral and gemstones.

This pendant features crushed turquoise that was mixed with phosphorescent power so it glows in the dark. 

Third Eye Pinecone Wire Wrap

This detail wire work compliments the turquoise stone without obscuring the natural beauty of the pinecone.


I wanted to give the pinecone a strong bail to hang from so I created a wide woven segment of wire.

I decided to only do detail work along the top of the pinecone. I wanted the wire to be firmly holding the pinecone in place while not obscuring the natural markings on the pinecone or the beauty of the stone embedded in the pinecone.

Many people that come to me looking for a custom pendant want the wire wrapping to compliment the stone without covering or overpowering it. This project was a great opportunity to work on my ability to accomplish that.

I look forward to creating more of these pinecone pendants in the future.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

Third Eye Pinecone Wire Wrap

I only used a single wire on the back of the pinecone to not obscure the beautiful natural markings.











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  1. Betsy January 16, 2017 at 2:08 pm #

    That is just lovely. I do love flowers, especially wild flowers, unfortunately, not many good examples of either variety to be found in the middle of this big, dirty city. =(

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