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Resin Flower Pendant

Completed: Resin Flower Pendant.

This pendant evolved over time. Its unique because I created the wire wrap and the central resin piece. The resin piece in the center was created using flowers, a magazine clipping, and a liquid epoxy resin. I selected a group of small stones to compliment the central piece and wrapped them together in a cluster. […]

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silica pendant

Inspirationand First Steps: Gem Silica Pendant

  This week I am starting on a new pendant for myself! I’m excited about this project. I’ve been waiting for a while to have the opportunity to create something with this beautiful gem silica stone. I bought the stone from someone that I follow on instagram, who cuts stones and sets them into jewelry. […]

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Spontaneous Swirls

Completed: Spontaneous Swirls

This week I completed a pendant that doesn’t follow any rules! Lately, I’ve been working on designs that are really symmetrical. Its been challenging to try to bring that aspect into my art. This week I decided to let go of trying to conform to certain shapes and just let my imagination run wild. I […]

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Rutilated Ammonite

Completed Progress: Rutilated Ammonite

Rutilated Ammonite This week I finished this rutilated quartz and ammonite pendant for a good friend of mine. This pendant is hard to capture in a photograph. The light has to catch the quartz just right for the ammonite to show through. I finished the pendant with some twisted wire and spiral to provide some […]

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Fluorite with Points

Completed: Fluorite with Points

This pendant features a fluorite stone paired with amethyst and quartz. I love the combination of shapes and colors with this piece and waiting to wrap it for a while. My vision for this pendant is that it looks somewhat like a wing. I sometimes call it the fairy wing pendant. The stones are wrapped […]

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Progress: Rutilated Ammonite Construction II

This week I continued my progress on an ammonite and rutilated quartz pendant. As I said in my beginning post on this project last week, my goal for this piece is to create the illusion that the two stones are fused together. I worked towards creating that by doing a very simple wrap on the […]

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wire wrapped inspiration ammonite rutilated quartz

Progress: Rutilated Ammonite Inspiration

This week I started working on a new piece! I’m trying something that I’ve never done before; layering  one stone on top of the other. The top stone, called rutilated quartz is for the most part very clear. It acts almost like a magnifying glass for whatever it is on top of. The quartz piece […]

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completed progress larimar wire wrap

Progress: Completed Larimar

This week I finished the larimar pendant project. Last week, I had created the structural pieces that hold the stone in place. All that was left to do this week was to add the detailed elements that pull the piece together. I used a mix of techniques to give the pendant more texture and variety. […]

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Larimar wire wrapped pendant

Progress: Larimar Construction

After sketching out the design for this Larimar pendant and choosing my materials last week, I started to wrap the larimar stone this week. I started out using the thickest silver wire I have available to create a solid frame around the stone. This frame with be sturdy enough to hold the stone in place. […]

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feather earrings wire wrap

Completed: Tiger’s Feather Earrings

I’ve been having a lot of fun working with feather earrings. When I’m making earrings, I try to be more conservative with how much wire I use. Its hard to wear heavy earrings for long periods of time. I want my earrings to be visually striking and wearable at the same time. I created a […]

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